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The Essential Gift Guide for Boaters – Coastapus

Christmas is quickly approaching and it’s the time to find that perfect gift for the boater in your life! Here’s my gift guide for purposeful things to put under the tree for a boater. Some of these are my favourite boat purchases over the years, while others are things I’d love to get under the tree. Happy shopping!

Ideal for boats with no ovens, or just wanting to conserve cooking fuel. A great gift for any boat foodie.


Whether it’s dinghy adventures, a SUP afternoon, or provisioning in the rain, a waterproof backpack keeps everything dry.

You can find it on Amazon.

This may be a camping classic, but it’s a must on the boat. From doing dishes with saltwater or cold fresh water, washing the dog, or use as body wash, it’s a great multipurpose soap.

Whether it’s a weekend trip, a day sail, or taking the dinghy to the beach for a picnic, this is a great cooler bag to hold all the necessities.

Beautiful nautical boat pillows to cozy up the cabin.

Available on the CoastNauticalStyle etsy store.

Reclining seats can be found in a variety of sizes, if you have the space, these are a dream to sit on!This one is available at Westmarine but other versions can be found elsewhere.

Recycled sail cloth bags are a great gift, they’re practical with a touch of uniqueness. Bags come in a wide variety of styles, from clutches, duffle bags, to messenger bags. You can check out your local sail loft to see if they sell them or you can find them online.

These days there’s a variety of options on the market, from foam to neoprene, to fancy double walled vacuum insulated koozie’s. Regardless of the boater and the space they have, there’s great options for keeping beer cold.

A double win, help fight the war on plastic pollution in our oceans while having something that can be reused on the boat! These are a great alternative to plastic. Whether you buy them or find a DIY website and make them, these are a great gift.

This is a great option for cockpit cooking, or cooking onshore. With the inside reaching up to 500 degrees, you have cooking options from burgers to roasting a whole chicken! It’s lightweight, has a heat-proof base and it requires little fuel (charcoal) to operate.

Happy gifting!


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