/the Best Tools for Planning a Cruise

the Best Tools for Planning a Cruise

Musing About Cruising: Take Five: the Best Tools for Planning a Cruise

Take Five: the Best Tools for Planning a Cruise

With the explosion of cruising has come
an explosion of websites, blogs, books, videos and social media postings—it can
really be overwhelming.

I’ve pulled out a few of what I consider
among the best resources to read, hear and learn what you need to get the very
best out of your cruise vacation:

Cruisecritic.com – This is the “Oasis class” of cruise planning sites,
with tons of ship and port reviews, industry news and roll calls. Its forum is
so robust that cruisers are posting just about every minute of every day.

There are specialty forums too, where
like-minded folks congregate on topics ranging from “Lose Before You Cruise”
(weight, not money) and “Cruise Foodies” to “Family Cruises” and “Solo Cruises.”

Radio – Not only does this site and
its newsletter have useful and interesting articles, but it also features podcasts
and YouTube videos.

Don’s Family Vacations – Don does video quite a lot on YouTube, giving it to
you straight, from cruise tips to cruise trip-ups—and all done in a rather
endearing way. He’s both informative and entertaining.

Cruise Control
– Bill Panoff also does great videos—from ship reviews to special topics such
as the newest technology on the high seas.

versatile functionality allows you to see several decks on
one page, convert to PDF and print, bump up the size, and drag decks over each
other to see what’s above and below.

If you hover over a room, you get a
diagram and general square footage for a category. There are some actual photos
of particular rooms and even a few comments of areas to steer clear of because
of noise and other issues.

What’s your favorite cruise planning
site? Share it here!

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