/Spring Dust-Off / Heart-Attack – Catalina 22 : sailing

Spring Dust-Off / Heart-Attack – Catalina 22 : sailing

It’s always a heart-attack to get a call from your marina – “Hey, you should really come check on your boat…”Turns out our bilge pump wasn’t quite working right, and she hasn’t been bailing for… a bit. Plus the forward vent and the main hatchway crib boards are leaking. I’ve pumped, scrubbed and sponged – she seems to be alright. We’re nearly back to ready for spring and summer sailing. Looks like it just filled the bilge, but the motor, generator, batteries, and electrics are… mostly OK. Pretty sure the bilge pump is a dead short, though….We should have her up and running in a few days – new pump already here. A little re-wiring. I’ve tested the panel and the rest of the electrics. Pulled dimensions and cutting a new set of crib boards, properly sealed. The anchor’s been moved to a more permanent home and the forward hatch has been re-sealed.So here’s to another season of sailing!

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