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Safe at Sea

After the muster drill on Allure of the Seas, I had that catchy “Wash Your Hands” tune stuck in my head for hours. And that’s a good thing. The ship wants to remind us early and often that washing our hands is a key way to stay safe at sea.
It’s also a reminder that staying safe during our cruise is everyone’s job—theirs and ours.
What they doGuide and abide. The cruise industry is heavily regulated. Just a few of the agencies that set and enforce safety rules are the U.S. Coast Guard, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the International Maritime Organization.
Big on little boats. Cruise ships today have ample lifeboats; in fact, every ship must have enough life boats and rafts for at least 125 percent of the number of folks onboard.*
Teach and train. You can’t have missed the drills—they boom over the PA. That’s the crew going through yet more training on handling emergencies.
Poolside protection. Lifeguards are a visible presence today on Royal Caribbean ships at the pools and even the hot tubs.  Keeping watch over us in the Solarium on Allure of the SeasLooking out for us. The ships have security personnel onboard who can step in when needed. There are also video cameras throughout to help spot and solve any issues.
What we can doMaster the muster. Every cruise kicks off with a lecture. Where to go in an emergency. Onboard do’s and don’ts. That sort of thing. Important stuff. It pays to listen. Learning the drill on the WesterdamWatch the signs. Many ships have alert and reminder signs posted—from slippery when wet to watch your children. Advice from Allure of the SeasEat smart, drink smart. With all the tempting consumables onboard, it can be easy to overdo. Pace yourself. Know your limits. You’ll feel better for it. Tastes great, but packed with punch, on Allure of the SeasThe banister is your barrier. Deck railing is for grabbing if you’re unsteady. Keeping you from going overboard. What it’s not is a balance beam.Regal Princess reminderAny other tips to help you stay healthy and enjoy your next cruise? Oh yeah—wash your hands!
For more on cruise ship safety, visit the website of the Cruise Lines International Association, the trade association for the cruise industry.
* Cruise Lines International Association

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