/Cruising and the Fear of Gaining

Cruising and the Fear of Gaining

I’m a 5.5 ft. female. I could weigh 225

Where did I come up with that number?
When we first started cruising, I weighed 110. On each of our 23 cruises, I put
on 5 pounds. If I add them all up, and tack them onto 110, I’d weigh 225.

I know some people are terrified at the
prospect of major weight gain on a cruise. But it doesn’t have to happen. Below
are a few of my tips to keeping those extra pounds to a minimum. Some of these are
obvious, but they’re reminders for me too, as I’m about to eat my way through cruise

the “StairMaster” to actually get somewhere. In other words, take the stairs. Not only is it good exercise, but
it’s entertaining. You never know what kid is going to come screaming down it
as you’re climbing up. And it beats waiting for the elevator, only for it to
swoosh right by your floor. Or trying to cram in to that small space with 15
other folks.

track. This has got to be one of
cruise ships’ biggest secrets. Because it’s always empty. And often has great
views. The one on Oasis class ships takes you the whole length of the ship (2.4
laps=1 mile), including past the dramatic wake at the stern. There are even
some cutesy signs you can smirk at as you fly by.

 Joggers to the left, walkers to the right on Allure of the Seas

a gym too. You can take classes, or do
the treadmill while watching TV, listening to music (bring your earphones) or
watching the waves.

go overboard. Eat only what you
really enjoy—skip the rest. Shrug off the temptation to “get your money’s

up. If you supplement some of your
hard core eating with lighter stuff, you’ll feel better—like a martyr, even.
Some examples: most of the ships have a restaurant with healthier food, such as
Celebrity AquaSpa Café or Royal Caribbean’s Vitality Café.

Or, one day, just have lighter
foods—fish, veggies and fruit. Cereal for breakfast. Or lighten up one meal a

what you drink. The beverages we like
best—booze, specialty coffees—come laden with sugar and calories. In fact, one
study found that liquids account for 22 percent of calories in the typical
American’s diet.¹

At the risk of depressing you:

If the drink
package is $57 a day (current price for Royal Caribbean’s Deluxe Beverage
If a Budweiser is
$7.25 (price on Royal Caribbean ships)
To break even,
you have to drink 8 beers
8 beers x 150
calories = 1,200 calories

You’re consuming 1,200 calories just
from beer. That’s before you’ve even eaten anything.

in, around and out of town. Not only
is it good exercise to walk into town at ports, but it’s the best way to get
beyond the just-for-the-tourists attractions to see how the locals live. The
kids in their school uniforms in the streets for lunch. Street vendors selling everything
from fruit to underwear. The political posters.

Of course, you’re on vacation to have
fun, and food and drink is a big part of the fun. But with a bit of moderation
and a bit of exercise, you can still have a blast and not go crazy packing on
the pounds.

And then—this is most important of all—the
minute you get home, the party’s over. Go back to your regular eating. Those
extra pounds will come off in no time.

¹Milk Processor Education
Program, as reported by

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