/Boat Life On The Hard & In The Water

Boat Life On The Hard & In The Water

Did our on the hard anti-mold preparations deliver good results? What boat jobs did we get taken care of while away from Britican? And is it possible for masts to hit in a big swell when tied up on a jetty? Watch our latest video to find out answers to all these questions.
After our boat was safely on the hard in Trinidad we left for two months during hurricane season and the returned. If you missed our last video where we prepared the boat to be taken out, check out: Hauling Out, Med Mooring & CopperCoat Update
Boat Life On The Hard, In The Water & A Mast Hitting Swell (Video)

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Boat Life On The Hard & In The Water
The first month, August, we flew to the UK where we joined our dear friends for a trip to Cowes to enjoy Cowes Week, a major sailing event. Simon’s dad joined us too.
Cowe’s is where the America’s Cup started.
It’s also a spot that Simon and I sailed to often when we had our 35’ Moody berthed on the South Coast of England. Simon and I reminisced about our many experiences and voyages made in the Solent.After visiting all our friends and family in the UK, we went to North Carolina to see my brother and his family. Sienna enjoyed loads of time with her three cousins. We then took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, where we lived in the Charleston Harbor Marina for a year. It was great to see all our dear friends that we left the year before.

And then the plan was to fly down to Florida with my brothers family to meet up with our father before finally heading back to Trinidad. Simon and I decided to, however, head down a few days earlier to surprise my nephew, Nate, and Sienna with a special treat. We took them to Universal Studios.
We had a blast. Then we spent time with my dad and had a great time.

Before heading back to Trinidad we filled up our bags with boat parts, plumbing and electrics, homeschooling supplies and bedding.
Once in Trinidad, we finished boat jobs on the hard and once back in the water including:
Change of six through-hull fittings
Another full application of CopperCoat antifoul
Cockpit table and saloon table varnished
New fittings put on the exhaust (to eliminate those ugly black exhaust marks on the hull)
Genset servicing with new heat exchanger and hose
Engine raw water clean out and some new hoses
Solar rack above the davits, solar panels and controller
Complete overhaul and servicing of the propeller
Polish the hull

We videoed quite a few jobs of these jobs in detail.
In future posts we cover adding a steel frame and solar panels to our boat and talk about our decision to add solar power. We will also show you how to fully service a marine diesel generator including taking off, cleaning and eventually replacing our heat exchanger. Also, we also have a full video about servicing the propeller with a great little tip on greasing it while it’s under the water. And finally, there’s a video all about Peke’s Marina in Trinidad.
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