/59º North Sailing // ISBJORN Trans-Atlantic p. 3 // Rut or Groove?

59º North Sailing // ISBJORN Trans-Atlantic p. 3 // Rut or Groove?

NOTE from Andy, Feb 14, 2019: I’m hesitant to publish this, for risk of it being too personal, causing too much interference with the public persona I’ve created about myself and of the business. But you know what – f&%k it. If I don’t publish this, anything I do publish would just feel like propaganda. Yes, there are certain things I’ll never publish – to this day there doesn’t exist an online photo from our wedding, for example, and while I talk all the time about the decision to have kids or not, you can safely bet that if the day comes, you won’t read much about it here. That said, re-reading this now, which I wrote over 3 weeks ago while tired and just getting started on the trans-At…well, as I sit on the new Swan 59 publishing this, all the feelings I describe below are basically gone – I’m STOKED! But, this is how I felt then…here goes.I listened to a great ‘Dirtbag Diaries’ podcast on day 1 of this trans-Atlantic passage, where the host of the show, Fitz Cahall, wondered, at age 40, if he’d gotten into a rut with his life and career, or if that ‘rut’ could simply be redefined as a ‘groove’, depending on your perspective. I can relate.In the episode, Fits & his wife, who work together running their own business (very similar to how Mia & I work together), decided to give themselves each a one-month sabbatical, where they could leave work & family behind and go do something they were passionate about, no strings attached. The other would stay back and tend to their 3 and 7-year old kids, and run the business in their absence. To make a long story short, Fits went on a one-month bike-packing trip, solo across Oregon, riding his mountain bike through the wooded trails and camping, sans tent, along the way. He concluded the journey, and the episode, with what I thought was a kind of corny, but mostly true analogy about how bike pedals work – that they’d always in opposition, and that opposition is precisely what translates into forward motion. Just like life – one foot up, one down, the bike moves forward. Life in turn, is made up of a series of ups and downs, emotionally, of worries and confidence, of grooves AND ruts. I understand this. While Mia & I have not gone so far as to call them ‘sabbaticals,’ just this past fall we each took a week away to travel with friends, independent of the other person. Mia went to Rome and I went to Norway, and we both returned refreshed.

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